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Ph.D., Information and Library Science, School of Information and Library Science, UNC-Chapel Hill

Dissertation successfully defended July 30, 2010: Perceptions and Uses of Tagging Among Undergraduates

Advisors: Jane Greenberg and Paul Jones

Committee: Jane Greenberg (chair); Paul Jones; Gary Marchionini; Jeffrey Pomerantz; Sri Kalyanaraman

B.A., Politics, May 2002 Oberlin College

Research Statement

The central focus of my research is on questions of identity: specifically, how increased use of information communications technologies is changing the way we conceive of ourselves and relate to each other. My research in this area to date has focused on a range of aspects of mediated sociability, including perceptions and uses of privacy settings on social networking sites and the Internet more generally; norms regarding the presentation and sharing of personal photos; and the uses of mobile and social technologies as components of experiential and collaborative learning processes. My dissertation research will focus on perceptions and uses of tagging and tagging services among undergraduate students.